Saturday, December 10, 2011

Presentations Cont.

Chris and Alex's
It was interesting to learn about the soccer clubs that exist in Palestine and Israel.  The teams are very dynamic in how they view 'mixing' of groups on their teams.

I also really enjoyed learning about Parcure!  I am not sure how the name is spell.  Aside from that, this form of expression looks like a creative outlet for people who need o release pent up frustrations.  This class was the first time introduced parcure to me.

His diorama of Jerusalem is very good in how it shows both the potential for a future, but also that there is a present that is separated with barbed wire and walls.  It would be interesting to learn more about where each poet found inspiration behind their poems and how they perceive the conflict.  I also wonder how the poets are or have been received by their local audiences and if they face censoring or even have works banned.

Abby's and Lindsey's
I never knew about the trafficking problems within Israel.  It is truly a world wide problem.  I think that the one demonstration in the mall, with the women in the store window, was a stark and very good way to bring the issue to the public.

I liked seeing the different movie styles about the conflict.  It is a shame that American movies have a tradition and culture of violence as entertainment in the media.  I feel like the absence of graphic violence that was used in the movies produced by the Israelis and also by the Palestinians draws the audience more to the reasons behind the conflict, rather than the blood and guts.

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